Aircraft spare parts and logistics solutions

Spare parts

Spare parts sales, exchange and leasing

Using our huge range of components, consumables and tools for sale, exchange or leasing, our structure is built to provide customers services, responding to their needs from the request until final delivery

Logistics solutions

Recognising the occupational stress factors incurred through spares part need for your operation, Fly Dynamics is able to greatly simplify your procurement procedures, by offering you logistics solutions AOG & Next flight out or Hand carry.

Consignment program and repair management

Our customised consignment programs help Airlines and MRO to generate significant revenue from their surplus inventory or dead stock.

Technical representative

Dedicated to Technical support customers during commercial aircrafts sales or transaction for any parties involved in the event, Fly Dynamics can be preferred partner to successfully complete your projects. As a global business, our staffs have several Technical and Educational backgrounds and cultures to bring a unique perspective to the management displaying a real willingness to learn whilst tackling projects with solid background experience in their field. They are coming from aeronautic fields like airlines maintenance organisations with good skills and know-how on typical commercial aircraft like Airbus, Boeing and ATR families.

AOG service 24/7

We offer AOG support worldwide service 24/7

Main aircraft types and products supported


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