Flight Support

Airlines representation

Overflight, Landing permits & Airport fees

We have the ability to arrange all required flight permits in the fastest and most efficient way. We look after overflight, landing clearances and airport fees for a wide range of flight types, from commercial airlines to VIP flights operators, anywhere in the world, in the shortest time.

Ground Handling

Fly Dynamics can provide handling arrangements in most airports all around the world. We can book and coordinate all your handling requests and arrange all payments on your behalf. We carefully select the handling companies that we partner with; working only with reputable, trustworthy and reliable businesses.

Fuel Services

Direct and long term agreements with the majors or with local suppliers allow us to arrange fuel at all major airports around the world at a very short notice.

Flight Supervision

Fly Dynamics is able to provide supervision services at most important airports around the world. The supervisor will act on your behalf in dealings with third-party suppliers, supervise flights and provide a flight report after departure of your aircraft.


We are able to provide Crew or Passengers meals in most of the airports around the world. Several kinds of menus can be offered: cold or hot meals, breakfasts, snacks as well as several types of beverages.

Crew Hotac & Transport

Fly Dynamics is able through local contacts and preferred arrangements that we have in place with hotels worldwide, to book excellent quality hotel accommodation. We can also arrange crew transport to and from your chosen hotel.

Ferry Flight Services

We provide in cooperation with our Operating Partner full project management for any ferry flight to ensure that your aircraft is moved efficiently, cost effectively and in a professional manner.

  • Flight planning and Trip Support (Overflight and landing permits, Ground handling, Catering, …)
  • Dispatch / OCC Services (24hours)
  • Current, Experience and Qualified Flight Crew

  • Test and Demo Flights

  • Experimental test pilot for Flight requiring STC

  • Visa and Security Clearance Support (including TSA Approval)

  • Performance Calculations

  • Cost-effective positioning of flight crew

  • Fuel uplift

  • Insurance

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