Airlines representation and flight supervision – Paris CDG airport

Airlines representation

Flight supervision

  • Land side: during check-in and boarding
  • Air side: with the crew at the aircraft and on the ramp
  • Ground coordination and management of all subcontractors and suppliers during turnaround
  • Checking the compliance between reality and contracts and reporting each discrepancies

Flight preparation and reporting

  • Printing and delivering Crew briefing file
  • Helping on crosschecking orders from suppliers (caterer, cleaners, GHA)
  • Reporting after each flight all figures and comments regarding the flight through our dedicated flight reports

Management of operational irregularities

  • Taking care of passengers in the event of delay or irregularities
  • Organising the necessary passenger services and crew assistance

Crew assistance

Assistance with police and customs formalities, flight preparation, etc.

Administrative service

  • Checking suppliers invoices
  • Sending statistics (DL codes, turnaround times, etc)
  • Managing stationaries, COMAIL and all other documents with French administration

Audits and ground inspections

  • Quality systems audits
  • Service and items audits
  • Supplier audits

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